“Observation” is a series of photographs taken in New York and Los Angeles over the course of a year. I was originally influenced to document New York in the same aesthetic style as the Magnum photographers of the mid 1900’s that had shaped my visual preconception of the city. This practice as a nostalgic aesthetic soon gave way to a study of observation, anonymous connection and space. My aim in taking these photographs became more about creating a sense of my own presence in observation, not behind the lens but in the middle of a space created by a shared act of observation.

In these images I invite the audience not only to consider the undeniable, yet often intangible connection we all have to each other, but to realise that they are participating with both myself, the subject and in essence, the photograph. In the shared environment of the photographs, people come and go, stay and leave and 6th Avenue ceaselessly trundles along behind us.