How Bees See Green

This project explores a perception of the world through an alternative spectrum focusing particularly on how green in nature immediately announces itself in the mind when seen in monochrome.


In these photographs of everyday landscape, I am documenting my response to the immediate and significant human response to the colour green as an empathy with the corresponding response to bees seeing flora in the UV spectrum.

Whether in photography or in attempting to better understand our place in the world, the artistic results of this experiment existentially explore the process of challenging perception as a vital element in the development of artist and human being. I aim to provoke thinking about the implications of biology in human aesthetics and the relationship between object representation and it’s biological connotations.

 “Humans (and other animals) use the greenness of the landscape as an indicator of habitability and fertility of a habitat.” – Prof. Lars Chittka, author of “Do bees see at a glance?”, “Do bees like Van Gogh’s Sunflowers?” and “How human are insects and does it matter?”